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Hello! My name is Mauricio Botero and I'm currently pursuing an animation degree (MFA) in the Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA). I'm currently on my first year and I wanted to create this space to post my progress as I learn different ways to give the illusion of life to different characters.

Maybe in the future I will post some other stuff related to workflow or animation tips when I get more experience with it, but for now I will stick with showing my progress through the different stages of my learning curve. I have learned a lot through different amazing instructors, bloggers and youtubers and I wish to share my experience in the future in the same way these people have taught me a lot since 2015 when I switch from film to animation.

I really appreciate all the support and guidance that these amazing people have provided me and I hope to contribute to future animators in the same way.

Hope everyone enjoy my work and Happy Animating!

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