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Post Graduation (MFA / SCAD)

After a year of not being active in my animator's journal, I'm happy to announce that I will be returning to use this space to share my process in the upcoming animations that I have planned. After finishing my first short film Viking's Dragon, which will be shared as soon as possible in this website, I was able to graduate completing my final education step towards my dream in being a 3d character animator: an MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. From today until the month of August, I will be exploring more techniques about game animation incorporating every knowledge that I have gathered through the process of my thesis film.

I will commit in posting daily updates in this journal to keep my momentum and reach my goal to do at least three animations: a first person shooter reload, a three hit combo, and a combat sequence with multiple characters. More animations will come with time and I will continue posting them, trying to don't fail in my commitment. For now, I will finish this post by making the promise to get a job by the end of July with the help of the hard work and dedication that I will put into my every hour of research and animation in the upcoming days.

I'm inspired by the big amount of entertainment that game and feature studios like Crystal Dynamics, Ubisoft, Industrial Light and Magic, and Blue Sky Studios have brought me throughout my life and career at SCAD. It's my dream to learn from these companies, and many others, as well as having the unique opportunity to work on them to help bringing more iconic characters to life. I will be at the expectation of what and where the future will bring me with the confidence that every day I will learn something new to apply to my work and my personal life.

Happy animating!

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