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iAnimate FW5: Full Body Acting

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

For this time, I will do a full body acting shot in which the goal of the shot will be to learn how to do character performance with dialogue in it.

Planning: 13h and 54min

Final Blocking: 22h and 49min

Final Polish:

Total Time: 59h and 39min





Day 01-11: January 28

For 11 days I worked on searching an audio file for the assignment. The requirements included an audio of 10 seconds long and one character.

After hours searching an audio I found one called confused. The dialogue says:

“Listen to me, I’m the Crying Man. You are the backup singers. If we all are gonna cry we will confuse the audience.

I shoot the live action reference and it was approved by the instructor last Sunday.

Today: 13h and 54min

Planning: 13h and 54min

Total Time: 13h and 54min



Day 12: January 29

Today I start doing the first blocking pass. It was a little challenging getting used to the rig but I get to block the 70% of the shot.

Tomorrow I will continue blocking out the shot expecting to finish the first blocking pass and analyzing it later on Keyframe Pro to see how the poses can be pushed.

Today: 3h and 02min

Final Blocking: 3h and 02min

Total Time: 16h and 56min


Day 13: January 30

Today I finished the first blocking pass and I started to analyze the playblast and do drawovers on the poses to see how I could push them.

Tomorrow I will continue to do this and, if I get to push all the poses, I will also start to add some breakdowns and in-betweens.

Today: 2h and 18min

Final Blocking: 5h and 20min

Total Time: 19h and 14min


Day 14: January 31

Today I started to break down the first part of the animation and add in-betweens each 3 or 4 frames (6 or 8 for moving holds).

This time I didn’t do draw-overs because of technical reasons, but I will try to do an entire pass adding breakdowns and push the poses if it’s needed in the graph editor.

The idea for the shot is to learn and experiment and get used to problem-solving because not every time I will have the tools that I’m used to. Everything is a process!

Today: 2h and 11min

Final Blocking: 7h and 31min

Total Time: 21h and 25min


Day 15: February 1

Today I continue adding in-betweens to the animation. I’m pretty happy with the beginning part, however the second part is not working pretty well because the character is moving too much.

I will have to make the decision tomorrow to either continue adding in-betweens and fix those issues later, or fix that first before going into the rest of the animation. I think I will take the second option.

I will start to do something new and use TV Paint to make draw overs on the playblast to identify issues.

Today: 1h and 40min

Final Blocking: 9h and 11min

Total Time: 23h and 05min


Day 16: February 2

Today I continue working on the first blocking pass. I only get to finish the half of the blocking before the review (which is tomorrow).

The goal for the next week will be to do the final blocking pass of the first half of the shot, and do the first blocking pass of the second half.

Today: 1h and 44min

Final Blocking: 10h and 55min

Total Time: 24h and 59min


Day 17: February 3

Today was the week’s review. Jacob told me a couple of things to modify regarding the poses and the prop. He also told me to start pushing the timing and the spacing from the blocking.

I addressed the notes for the first half of the animation and push some of the poses, as well as the timing and the spacing of some parts. Also, I do some clean up on the body and head curves.

Today: 1h and 43min

Final Blocking: 12h and 38min

Total Time: 26h and 42min


Day 18: February 4

Today I continue started to add in-betweens to the second part of the animation. There are still a lot to fix but it’s a good start.

Today: 1h and 02min

Final Blocking: 13h and 40min

Total Time: 27h and 44min


Day 19: February 5

Today I continue started to add in-betweens to the second part of the animation. It’s almost there!

Maybe tomorrow I will do two hours instead of one to finish the first blocking pass and get to do some fixes (or at least analyze what is not working).

Today: 1h and 05min

Final Blocking: 14h and 45min

Total Time: 28h and 49min


Day 20: February 6

Today I finish the first blocking pass. I asked for feedback to my peers and I’m addressing some of the notes they gave me.

Today: 1h and 22min

Final Blocking: 16h and 07min

Total Time: 30h and 11min


Day 21: February 8

Today I continue addressing the notes and read a document about facial expressions that Jody shared with me.

I also modified the layout a little bit.

Today: 1h and 50min

Final Blocking: 17h and 57min

Total Time: 32h and 01min


Day 22: February 9

Today I read the articles that Jody shared on sync sketch and worked on the poses of the tail after switching to World Space.

Maybe I should redo that part and just leave it in Body Space and use the shelf button to switch it for a nicer transition.

Today: 0h and 58min

Final Blocking: 18h and 55min

Total Time: 32h and 59min


Day 23: February 11

Today I keep addressing the notes, but this time I focus first on the notes of the body that Jacob gave me.

Today: 1h and 30min

Final Blocking: 20h and 25min

Total Time: 34h and 29min


Day 24: February 12

Today I keep addressing Jody’s notes. Tomorrow I will work on the rest of her notes and, if there is time, on final Jacob notes.

Today: 2h and 01min

Final Blocking: 22h and 26min

Total Time: 36h and 30min


Day 25: February 13

Part I - Today I finished the final blocking addressing all the notes regarding the body. I decided to leave the notes regarding the face for later.

Today: 0h and 23min

Final Blocking: 22h and 49min

Total Time: 36h and 53min


Part II – I started to smooth the curves on the first part of the animation. Because this is only the first pass, I will limit it to smooth out the curves and later I will start to exaggerate the curves according to Jody and Jacob’s notes.

Today: 1h and 24min

Final Polish: 1h and 24min

Total Time: 38h and 17min


Day 26: February 15

Today I continue with smoothing out the curves 30 frames at the time.

Today: 0h and 50min

Final Polish: 2h and 14min

Total Time: 39h and 07min


Day 27: February 16

Today I continue with smoothing out the curves 30 frames at the time. Same as yesterday.

Today: 0h and 57min

Final Polish: 3h and 11min

Total Time: 40h and 04min


Day 28: February 18

Today I keep smoothing out the curves. It’s almost done, just one of the arms and elbow is left and the first polish pass will be done.

Today: 2h and 34min

Final Polish: 5h and 45min

Total Time: 42h and 38min


Day 29: February 24

Only time record. I don’t remember what I do.

Today: 1h and 30min

Final Polish: 7h and 15min

Total Time: 44h and 08min


Day 30: February 25

Only time record. I don’t remember what I do.

Today: 0h and 47min

Final Polish: 8h and 02min

Total Time: 44h and 55min


Day 31: February 26

Too many changes. I review some of the previous notes given by Jacob and I started to apply them. I think something is not working too well right now because it have too much energy than it should have but maybe it’s more easier to take away energy than give it.

However, I think that shooting reference could be helpful for this issue.

Today: 2h and 00min

Final Polish: 10h and 02min

Total Time: 46h and 55min


Day 32: March 2

Because I was sick, I didn't have much time and I didn't remember exactly what has been addressed. I have been working on the notes given by Jacob for the last two weeks, adding some cartooniness to the shot and making the mechanics to work.

Today: 0h and 35min

Final Polish: 10h and 37min

Total Time: 46h and 55min


Day 33: March 3

I began to work hard, like before, and try to address the notes given two weeks ago by pushing the cartooniness of the shot in the first part. I didn't get to do the other rest of it but I get some good feedback about the issues regarding the actions and the transitions. I will work on those things in the following days and have a full polish pass by next Sunday.

Today: 2h and 32min

Final Polish: 13h and 09min

Total Time: 49h and 27min


Day 34: March 5

I do a pass on the timing and the connection between the chest and the root of the character. I only get to the half of the shot but hopefully tomorrow I will get to finish a the whole pass on the root and the chest and to start doing some facial animation. However, before going into the facial stuff I can do a pass on the arms first (not the hands).

Today: 1h and 50min

Final Polish: 14h and 59min

Total Time: 51h and 17min


Day 35: March 7

I address some of the notes in the first half of the shot regarding the timing in the gestures and some timing and spacing issues. Tomorrow I will finish to address the remaining notes and try to get a pass on the arms, which I have been avoided. No facial animation yet.

Today: 2h and 21min

Final Polish: 17h and 20min

Total Time: 53h and 38min


Day 36: March 9-10

I started to do a rough lip-sync pass, however I only get to the half of the shot. I still have to do some tweaks on the body addressing the notes given by the instructor but it's a good start for the lip-sync.

Today: 5h and 11min

Final Polish: 22h and 31min

Total Time: 58h and 49min


Day 37: March 11

I started to fix some issues of timing and posing in the body but I didn't get too far. I was interrupted by important things I needed to do.

Today: 0h and 17min

Final Polish: 22h and 48min

Total Time: 59h and 06min


Day 38: March 25

I continue making fixes for the final review of the iAnimate FW5 workshop, however I will continue working on it.

Today: 0h and 33min

Final Polish: 23h and 21min

Total Time: 59h and 39min


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