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Collaborative Project: Week 4/Class 7

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

3d Layout:

We start last week to block out the layout and this week we are aiming to finish the camera movements and assemble all the scenes into a single video to be able to start the animation stage ASAP. I was assigned the scenes 1, 2 and 6. Below are the videos.

Scene 01:

Scene 02:

Scene 06:

Total Time: 4 Hours and 50 Minutes

Compositing Test:

Also, I continue to do more tests for the camera point of view compositing to get feedback ahead of time and don't worry too much of that in post production. For today I was aiming to finish a test with guidelines on the corners of the phone and the phone fissure/crack effect (for the scene in which the bird breaks the screen and if the phone is needed to preserve that effect along the short film). Below is the video.

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