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Collaboration Project: Week 3/Class 5

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Animation Tests:

I continue to do animation tests pushing the cartoony and exaggerated aspect of the character. I'm aware that the character will be very different in proportions and facial expressions but at least this exercise has given me some practice to get use to think in exaggerated motion, which is very useful for much because my animation tends to be more naturalistic and less cartoony (in both the posing and the transitions).

Cartoony Walk Cycle:

Total Time: 22 Minutes

Naturalistic Run Cycle: (for study its mechanics)

Total Time: 1 Hour & 33 Minutes

Cartoony Run:

Total Time: 21 Minutes

Transition Test (No Smear):

Transition Test (Smear):

Total Time: 1 Hour & 14 minutes

1st Animation: 0 Hours & 22 Minutes

2nd Animation: 1 Hour & 33 Minutes

3rd Animation: 0 Hours & 21 Minutes

4th Animation: 1 Hour & 14 Minutes

Total Time: 3 Hours & 30 Minutes

Camera Recording (Compositing) Test:

I also do a test with Nuke by grabbing one establishing shot of the short film Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors by Bryan Locantore, Garret O'Neal and Gang Maria Yi, and do a quick composition adding noise, animating a blur effect and integrating a red circle (and animating it) to simulate the symbol of a cellphone recording a video.

Camera Recording Test:

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