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Intro to Animation Journal

In this blog I will be posting work in progress of animations, life drawing and other pieces of art work that I develop in my time to keep track of my progress as an animator, artist and filmmaker. This will be my personal space for self-critique and improvement in which I will push my skills beyond my own limits.

I’m a 3d animator who admire the work of the traditional animators, like The Nine Old Men, in the early animation days and I wish that I can understand animation like they do and explore new ways to entertain audiences with animation. I end this short introduction by saying two phrases that have push me and motivate me since I decided to be a character animator 5 years ago:

“If you can dream it, you can do it” - Walt Disney

“Art challenges technology, but technology inspires art” - John Lasseter

(The following posts will be re-posted of my original Animation Journal blog on Tumblr, which started on May 28th of this year)

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