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Collaboration Project: Week 2/Class 4

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Animation Tests:

Even when the characters are not modeled yet, I started to do animation tests using the Malcolm rig taking into account the character traits discussed by Brett Lee (director) to start to experiment with the desired animation styles by the directors.

I work on one walk cycle and then I use the same cycle to do variations of it changing the motivation of the walk and the animation style.

Walk Cycle 01: Exaggerated Approach

Walk Cycle 02: Naturalistic Approach

Walk Cycle 03: Naturalistic Walk with a shovel and toilet paper

Walk Cycle 04: Exaggerated Walk with a shovel and toilet paper

Walk Cycle 01: 1 Hour & 49 Minutes

Walk Cycle 02: 0 Hours & 30 Minutes

Walk Cycle 03: 0 Hours & 32 Minutes

Walk Cycle 04: 0 Hours & 27 Minutes

Total Time: 3 Hours & 18 Minutes

Transition Proposal:

Also I was thinking on options to use as transitions in the short film and I come up with this proposal. In this idea, instead of cutting between sequences with regular cuts we would use a camera sound effect and still images to see a funny photograph to show the moment when things go wrong to enhance the comedy of each sequence.

Transition Proposal:

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